‘It is important to me to listen to you and motivate you to reflect on your personal strengths and goals. I also support you in maximizing your potential to advance your career development.’



‘I can only recommend the workshops to every woman: even with topics where you might think ‘I already can do’ or ‘I already know’ so many aspects are illuminated that you go home very satisfied and strengthened. The group size fits perfectly and the contents are chosen in such a way that there is still enough time for mutual exchange, which for me is almost as important as the agenda itself. Ms. Sonnenberger moderates with her years of experience in this field, confidently and without any stress. All in all very recommendable!’

Alexandra G.
Marketing spezialist

‘Thanks' to Karen's seminar, I was finally able to get over the idea of increasing my visibility, especially on the net on websites like Xing.
I have always had great respect for ‘showing myself’. The seminar helped me to rethink my concerns about this and took away the fear of ‘more’ visibility. I know it's still a long way to go in terms of ‘self-marketing’, but Karen at least made the first steps much easier for me. At any time I would also fall back on her help for further steps.’


‘Ms. Sonnenberger offered me coaching based on her own experience and personal appreciation. She helped me to define my competencies and strengths and made me understand the necessity of self-positioning. She was able to reflect my actions openly and honestly and supported me in recognizing opportunities and taking on new tasks. In Ms. Sonnenberger I have found a very empathic and experienced coach who has always taken my personal goals and wishes into account.’

Birgit K.
Business Development Manager Pharmaceutical Industry

‘Ms. Sonnenberger coached countless employees in our company.
Through her empathy, charm and honesty she motivated those who sought her help to open themselves up, to work on themselves and ultimately to further their development.
She gave talented women the strength to follow their path, as well as motivated men to develop themselves and broaden their points of view.’

Christine H.
HR Manager Pharmaceutical Industry

‘As my manager, coach and mentor, Ms. Sonnenberger has accompanied me for a large part of my career. She supported as well as challenged me and played an important part in my personal and career development, from developing communication and presentation as well as organizational, structural and sales skills.’

Markus T.
Business Leader Medical Technology

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